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Florida Brotherhood of

Showgame Breeders




1:  To bring together gamefowl enthusiasts.


2:  To present a way for breeders to exhibit their fowl because other associations do not except gamefowl as a breed.


3:  To show and judge fowl on conditioning and health, and not totally on conformation and set standards.  Judging taking into consideration the history of the fowl unlike APA (American Poultry Association) shows that only judge by one set standard for each breed.


4:  To educate young, old, and the public about the history of this type of fowl.


5:  People of any age may join the club and show at any FBSB event.


Entry Form for Membership



Full Name: ______________________________________


Address: ______________________________________







Birth Date: _____________________           Telephone #: (_____)______________


Your involvement with gamefowl now:

          Small Breeder, under 50: ______

          50-100:                            ______

          100 +:                              ______

         Own no fowl:                  ______



Member with show privileges:  $20 ___

Family Membership:  $45___, up to 2 children, $10 per child after 2.

          (Includes yourself, spouse, and 2 children per household)


Donation without membership status: $_________: any amount.

(This donation gives no show privileges and no member status to be able to take part in the meetings.)


Signature: _____________________________


Send to:                         Florida Brotherhood of Showgame Breeders

Brian Whidden, Director

                                      134 Cambridge Dr.

Port Charlotte FL, 33952