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Rules and show procedures


Show Standards of Fowl:


1:  Fowl must be in excellent health, muscle, and condition.  To be judged on health and condition.


2:  They must be lean and muscular.


3:  Feathers cannot be battle trimmed except for tail feathers if their condition calls for it, and the feathers at their vent for breeding or cleanliness purposes.


4:  Spurs must be sawed and have a flat butt end.  Any length is acceptable if less than 1 inch.


5:  Legs can be of any color.


Groups will be:  Reds, Blacks, Greys (Whites will be included with the greys unless there are enough to consider for its own group.  Min. of 5 per group).  “Fowl may be pure lines or crosses,” as long as they can fall into one of the above categories.


6:  Only birds that do not meet the “health requirements” will be turned away from the show.



 Health Requirements:


No fowl shall enter the show with noticeable health problems such as respiratory diseases, nasal discharge, excessive sneezing, and the presence of external parasites.  To be disqualified before entering the show by those excepting the entries.

The Show:


1:  All entries shall be present at the place of show within the time period given.  Entries mailed in, in advance with fees paid in full before a certain date.  The show committee must know an approximate number to feed lunch on the day of the show.


2:  All fowl to be shown will be inspected at the front table and will be expected to be within the “Show Standards” and the “Health Requirements”.  You must also bring your own tie cord(s) where your bird is to be displayed and judged.


3:  Upon being accepted, the fowl will be placed within the groups to be judged then taken to their numbered tie cord in the tie cord area to be judged and later displayed.


4:  Show groups; are grouped by color: Reds, Blacks, Greys (whites, blues and other colors are included in the greys group for now, spangled reds are in the red group.)  Placings will be 1st place ribbon in each group, Grand Champion or Overall ribbon, and the rest participant ribbons.


5:  An estimate of entries must be taken 2 weeks in advance for the show so that preparations can be made for trophies and ribbons.  This means that you must mail in your entry or a meeting will be held before the show to find out how many will be attending.  The show will not take place without an acceptable amount of entries to cover expenses.


6:  The judges, whom ever they may be, will promise to judge fairly.  The judges will not have a list of entry names but only a list of numbers for his notes.  They will always under any circumstances judge to the best of their ability and judge fairly.  If there is ever a problem with the judgment that cannot be solved, the prize money and ribbon or trophy will not change hands from club to winner but stay with the club to be used elsewhere.  Substantial evidence should be given before this is done.  There will be two judges at any show so that there is always a fair ruling.  If any problems should arise with the judge(s), there will be another judge(s) elected or chosen from within or outside the group for the next show or possibly the current one.


7:  Shows should expect an entry fee of $12 dollars per bird entered, limited to only one bird per group.  This fee will go to the show to help pay food cost, ribbons and trophies.


8:  The show will be a one-day event starting in the morning and ending when...  It will take as much time as needed.  The events of the show should be:  [Approximate, to be decided later.]

1)     Entries accepted between 9:00 and 10:00am.

2)     Judging between 10:30am and 12:00pm.  Members shall eat lunch provided at this time.

3)     12:00pm winners will be presented.

4)     From 12:30pm on, members will be allowed to go into the tie cord area to see winners and other entries.

5)     Show should end at or before 3:00pm with enough time to clean up.  All members are welcome to volunteer to help after the shows.



The Cub:


Dues shall be paid on or before the date of August 1st.  The dues are to cover newsletters, mailing, phone calls, your membership card and sign for your farm.  Meetings should be held quarterly and may be held at any time as needed.  August will leave enough time during the moult for the club to get organized and ready for the next season of shows.


*Each member will receive a membership card to show off his or her membership and support.  The member will also receive a sign for their farm, explained on next page.


*Club will work thru mailings of show dates and club status, until this proves to not work anymore then meeting may be held.



The only purpose of this sign is to announce your membership into a show fowl organization.  The club takes no responsibility for the misuse of the sign for illegal ventures.


The sign reads:


I breed and raise my gamefowl for exhibition at gamefowl shows sanctioned by the

Florida Brotherhood of Showgame Breeders.